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Our Sustainable Journey

Our Sustainable Journey

We knew the world needed to change but we didn't know how or where to begin.  We imagined humanity shedding its skin of selfishness and unkindness. We imagined it putting on clothes that were conscious and kind. And with our reality of Ashes and an imagination of Eden, we created Ash & Eden! 



Ash & Eden emerged from a look inwards, a question about ‘what can we do?’. We strive to create a world of mindful and meaningful practices. Our Eden seems like a distant dream but it is the small steps and choices that lead us to it.
Our journey of sustainability is planned with a map of holistic approach. From the materials we use, to the concepts behind each piece, to how they are made,  to the people who craft the garments- each reflect our core mission of sustainability.




Each fibre of the threads we use sings our song of sustainability . Our fabrics are produced and certified to organic agricultural standards, its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. 


Our why is reflected in our how. The process of hand-dyed garments takes place at Oeko Tex certified mills where no hazardous chemicals are used.
We also ensure all our packaging materials are made of compostable nature and upon completion of their usage they can safely degrade back into our soil.



The makers of the garments are our magicians, they create garments out of our stories! As they are part of the Ash & Eden family, we invest in their skill development and growth as individuals.

At our factory in India, we are committed to bringing in more women to the workforce. We counsel, train and encourage them to become skilled and empowered wage earners. India is a country of rich heritage and art, many of which are at risk of dying out. Ash & Eden emerged also as an expression for these dying traditions to find a space in a contemporary and global context. We are bringing traditional artisan handicraft to the spotlight as meaningful fashion of the future.


Fashion, at its core, is self expression. It is a reflection of your identity. It is the projection of who you aspire to be. Yet, we buy garments which bring no meaning to us. Worse, we buy into a fashion culture that destroys more than it creates. But each one of us are a whirlwind in ourselves. We have the ability to shift the tides. In investing in fashion that brings value and joy we take a step in the right direction. In investing in clothing that will last and be loved, we define who we are. In knowing how, what and who make our clothes we change the world. Buy garments that mean something to you and bring meaning to the creators. The choices you make as a consumer define what we create. Let us create a world of meaning together!

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