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Our Story

BeOne was conceived with the understanding that the way businesses currently operate is in incongruence with the laws of nature, much like the wide, weighed-down tree in the lawn. BeOne was created with the aspiration to integrate the laws of nature into how businesses operate- harmonious, balanced, and symbiotic.

Why Beone?

In the past decade, while the world focused on large-scale manufacturing, we realized the importance of quality and mindfulness. We worked on refining design for customized small quantities to produce quality products efficiently. In our strife to find the perfect balance between technology, data, and creativity we have managed to build micro-brands that have the power to innovate on the future of fashion.

Collaborative and interdependent in our way of working, we look at customers as partners, not just buyers. We adapt and grow with whatever we can learn from them. Stemming from providing meaning to garments and the fashion industry as a whole we wish to be able to pass that awareness to our connections as well.


Our Vision

BeOne strives to find the perfect balance between creativity and technology to provide you with the best buying experience. We envision ourselves creating a sustainable ecosystem in the world of fashion.

In the day and age that we are in, there is this constant need to keep updating and innovating. We need our solutions to adapt to the shifts in times, trends and technology. 

To evolve with these changes, we need to be creative and we at BeOne realise that. Design has many languages, but when backed by Data it has the capability of standing out. Similarly design solutions in the space of fashion need innovation and they need data. But while creating garments that can cater to the shifts in people’s preferences, we make clothes that have meaning behind them along with the versatility of being worn.

Our Values

Here at BeOne, our values are our guidelines for our brand culture. They guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, how we interact with our customers and community, vendors and business partners. Besides being distinctive, our beliefs create a framework for our actions. 

  1. Deliver Excellence Mindfully
  2. Learn as you Grow 
  3. Have Fun
  4. Be Passionate and Stay Determined 
  5. Drive Change. Embrace Change

Since its humble beginnings, BeOne has been a customer-centric company that focuses on delivering excellence and a beautiful buying experience. We aim to inspire everyone we interact with to deliver happiness to customers, as well as employees, vendors, shareholders, and the community as a whole, in a long-term, sustainable way.