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Top 5 eclectic prints to look out for this fall!

Top 5 eclectic prints to look out for this fall!

We love the fall season and it’s definitely because of the styling opportunities it presents. From experimenting with prints to layering opportunities,  fall fashion is all about trying something new. In terms of prints,  there’s always something new — hues of autumn,  reinvented motifs, the options are endless.

 Fall 2022 is full of nostalgic and classic prints with a touch of elegance to create a new and modern aesthetic for fashion consumers. It is also globally inclusive while being mindful of region-specific cultural patterns to create authentic and meaningful collections.

 Our picks from  the Fall 2022 collection capturing the very essence of prints are-

  1. Artsy Botanicals

The desire to reconnect with nature inspires these playful botanicals.

Focus will be on foliage as opposed to flowers for sheer newness. Leaves have made their way into our collection in various shapes and sizes, engulfed in the essence of the fall palette.

Artsy Botanicals

  1. Rich Florals

Inspired by high impact florals  for sensorial high 

You can always count on a floral pattern of some sort to make an appearance around this time of year and the floral prints of this season are versatile. Rich Florals are derived from  flowers in various shapes  against a dark background. We are opting for high - impact  hues . Which is then filled with versatile  florals with  little  ground colour that can be  seen to grab attention- making the prints vibrant

Rich Florals

  1. Whimsical Florals

A trip down grandma’s house leading to an idyllic whim.

A staple Cm classic, and a print favourite all year round, fail safe ditsies are back again! . Instead of being punchy and saturated, whimsical floral is  lush, yet playful and continues previous cottage-core designs. Seemingly  idyllic, it  taps into the current taste for a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Whimsical Florals


  1. Lovingly Crafted

Transcending age old traditions.

Digitalized Block prints with intricate detailing add impeccable charm with lovely designs and vibrant colours. This season, bathed in an autumn palette we will drive region-specific traditional  patterns, adding an authentic character to garments.  Lovingly crafted heritage looks are going to be the new classics boasting longevity and timeless appeal.

Lovingly Crafted

  1. Ikat

Translating weave to print

A timeless textile that has made its way into this season’s trends. This easy to wear "It" print is reminiscent of tribal prints.  We are using a cool palette  to transform this vibrant  ethnic textile into an everyday fall staple.

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