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Diversity in Body Positivity at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS'23

Diversity in Body Positivity at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS'23

The fashion industry isn’t always the most inclusive when it comes to diversity in the form of body shapes  and sizes. For decades, the runway has been stridden  by  statuesque women who all adhere to the dream body type - long legs, toned stomach– and no room was seemingly spared for those that did not fit this standard. Designers have only recently  begun to take a step towards more inclusive collections, giving models of all shapes and sizes the chance to take their place on the catwalk.

Copenhagen ‘23 was a delight when it came to inclusion of diversity- The Danish capital continues to gain relevance within the fashion community for its in-depth commitment to sustainability as well as inclusivity. The internet has been applauding CPHFW with the hashtag #cphfw soaring up to 63.4 million views on TikTok alone.

Below we have rounded up a few of our favourite brands and looks from the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS 23 that have helped break the runway's monotony!


Ganni’s Joy Ride collection was a love letter to Copenhagen. Presented outdoors on a pier covered in pastel chalk drawings just before the sun set, Ganni offers a way for people to tap into a certain brand of Scandi style that’s colorful, playful, and cool.

urvy and plus-size models led some of the most striking looks from the collection, which celebrated a palette of greens, purples and ocean greens with characteristic cowboy boots



In the midst of Europe’s ongoing heatwave, Gestuz came up with their collection “Heat Haze”-   a throwback to the music icons from the late 90’s and early 00s of LA . Citing Destiny’s Child, TLC and JLO as its muses, the collection combined sexy and daring party fits with utilitarian silhouettes and oversized blazers for a glamorous-grunge aesthetic.

Colors were bright like lemon green, bold orange, and bright blue mixed with a base of olive green, beige, and black.



Budapest-basederon’s SS23 collection was part of the brand’s wider strategy to become a responsible luxury knitwear leader. It featured year-round staple pieces with a classic yet modern design.

With a collection of muted tones, there was a powerful sense of equilibrium in the air. Models of all ages, sizes and backgrounds took to the runway in a nod to the brand’s goal to create a wardrobe befitting the modern woman.



Rabels Saloner presented their SS 23 collection “Serendipity” - a summer collection that celebrates the joy of light and easy dressing and the allure of the happy accident.

Each look gave off an element of cohesiveness that was effortlessly backed up by the range in body types- emanating a look of effortless elegance. 


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