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Wardrobe '23 essentials: 3 key colour highlights from Copenhagen Fashion Show

Wardrobe '23 essentials: 3 key colour highlights from Copenhagen Fashion Show

The enduring appeal of restorative pastels was noted across Copenhagen Fashion Week. We are highlighting the top 3 hues as selected by WGSN to keep on the lookout for SS '23 ahead, that should definitely be a part of your wardrobe!


1. Digital Lavender

Digital Lavender being a gender-inclusive color represents a heightened awareness of wellness and virtual escapism, bridging both the digital and physical worlds.

Consumers are placing a stronger focus on physical and mental health, after quarantine and social distancing restrictions. With its restorative properties connected to healing, and evoking calmness and serenity have come out as the top colour from the show.

(Designers, from left to right : Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Dion Lee, Susan Fang, St John)

2. Tranquil Blue 

With consumers seeking to balance out their overwhelming emotions, Tranquil Blue is a symbol of stillness and tranquility.  A soothing and sophisticated hue, the cool-toned Tranquil Blue will be seen in most garment and interior industries as a notion to peace out the mental dilemma one suffers from.

It is elevated across supple and high shine fabrics, adding to its watery effect.

(Designers, from left to right : Ganni, Latimmier, Baum Und Pferdgarten , Baum Und Pferdgarten)

3. Unbleached Cotton 

Unbleached Cotton is a  natural hue that is nourishing, calming and grounding. This timeless mid-tone is unbleached and neutral hues channel a sustainable style thanks to the reduction in dye and wash processes required to achieve the color.

 (Designers, from left to right: Aeron, Soulland, Aeron, Aeron)


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