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How we disrupted an age old tradition!

How we disrupted an age old tradition!

The essence of Jaipur lies in its flamboyant ways, from its hustling-bustling bazaars, royal palaces and forts to its colorful streets, picturesque countryside and vibrant artisan communities. 

Sanganer, a village in southern Jaipur has been long known for its traditional block printing, dating back to 500 years, passed down from generations of craftspeople.

 Ash and Eden is rooted in the luxury of timeless art. Our collections are an ode to the creators of age-old artistic techniques. In our creative flourishing, we enable the sustenance of artisanal communities. We create garments contemporized for a global market to the melody of skilled artisan craftsmanship.  We create our niche, yet retain the authenticity of traditional crafts and bring them in harmony with the current times.


  1. A modern take on the blocks-

Hand-carved wooden blocks tell the story of the culture of Sanganer. The motifs they imprint are messages of meaning- flora and fauna transporting the wearer to the colorful lands of the makers.

Starting from the very beginning, these blocks are the first step in creating magic. We have incorporated contemporary motifs and patterns that adorn a western wearer, while retaining the authentic beauty of traditional Sanganeri block printing.

Blocks of contemporary motifs

  1. Eco-friendly colors-

 Ash and Eden, from the House of Beone, believes in being one with nature. To protect our gorgeous ecosystem we use azo-free dyes in our printing.  These dyes  are eco-friendly as they eliminate the use of  toxic compounds ensuring that neither the intensity of the color, nor the health of our planet is compromised.

 Added bonus:  They are lovingly safe to the sensitive skin!


Azo-free colours

Azo free and environment friendly colours


  1. Always on the trend

Our color palette is derived from emerging trend reports and ongoing color trends. Our color stories are construed to be trendy yet timeless.

 Fun Fact: Our skilled artisans are able to create these colors without  resorting to harmful chemicals

Trendy yet timeless colours

  1. Break from traditional silhouettes

We believe in slow fashion; in limited collections of timeless pieces that transcend time and trend. We are mixing block printing with western silhouettes to build designs that can cater to global markets. With skirts, dresses, and tops of attractive cuts and designs, our garments express a story for whoever adorns them.

Diversity in silhouettes 

  1. Introducing new techniques

We have experimented with various new techniques like layering of one print over another to give a new twist to the craft. 

Fashion, at its core, is self expression. It is a reflection of your identity. It is the projection of who you aspire to be. Every item is no less than a piece of art. Block print is evidently the new cool and happening trend that one must follow. It is not a fad that will disappear with time; block print is the sustainable fashion that is here to stay and for us to indulge and enjoy.
In reviving it, we seek to breathe fresh life into it and bring it to women across the globe. In collective thriving, the wearer is mindful of their part in a long meticulous journey of fashion creation and becomes part of the circle of recognizing meaning.
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